Organic leek plants


We grow our Organic leek plants on sand using grass/clover as organic  soil conditioner and working with organic manure and compost, we ensure every year that we have an optimal cultivated soil for the growth of your organic leek plants.

We gladly invite you to make an appointment for a visit and see it with your own eyes.

Varieties organic leek plants


At Lenders-Peeters Organic Plants we offer you the following choice of organic plants. They are  availabe from week 8 up to and including week 32  from the following locations:

From Morocco:
week 8 – 17 – Bio Superseedling

From our large tunnels:
week 19 – 21 – Bio Superseedling

From our tunnels:
week 22 – 24 – Bio loose plants

From outdoor cultivation:
week 24 – 32 – Bio loose plants

In close cooperation with seed development agencies and cultivation advisors we can advise you on the most suitable variety. We only use organic seeds and N. C. B. seeds.

More information about our organic plants?